Our Story

We are an online boutique offering casual, chic, bohemian, and beach style clothing. Blue Mermaid Boutique is all about the love of the ocean. The natural beauty, the peaceful tranquility, and the sheer power of the ocean is something you experience with all of your senses. No other place on earth can make us feel so small against its vastness, yet empower us to live big.


Living near the ocean, we experience a lot of warm weather and many months of humidity. For this reason, we need lightweight, comfortable and easy to wear clothing. We want our customers to know they can shop with us for all of those things with the added benefit of knowing it is fashionable and affordable clothing.

Our clothing selection reflects the woman who wants comfortable, easy to wear, stylish fashion. She enjoys an active life, but also enjoys quiet times alone or with family just relaxing. Her favorite places to explore and unwind are the beach, lake, or the mountains because this is where she can relax and be herself. She is confident in what she wants and loves comfortable fashionable clothing that is easy to wear, keeps her cool, and is no fuss. She likes clothes that are easy and simple to throw on at a moment’s notice to have lunch with a friend, take a walk on the beach, or have dinner on the water. She likes clothes that are easy to care for and can function for her carefree lifestyle.

Everyone should express their own unique style. They should feel good about what they are wearing, and feel good about themselves. I believe clothes are a way to express who we are. Clothes simply tell our story. Blue Mermaid offers affordable clothes that reflect the styles we love, and we hope if you share the love of some of our styles, that you will find something that speaks to you, and tells your story.

Thank you shopping with us!

Vicki and Blue Mermaid Team