The Best Adventures Are Never Planned

I wasn’t born in Hawaii, I didn’t grow up here, but I was fortunate enough that my path led me here. It was how I ended up here that made me realize that so many things in life don’t have to make sense at the time they occur, we don’t have to know how they will end, and they don’t have to be planned for them to be the most adventurous, magical times in our lives.

I also realized, I wish I would have figured this out a long time ago. What matters is I learned it, plus so many other things, that changed the course of my life, and caused me to think about why I get up every day and work. Is it just for money, or is there more to life than just making a living? Sure, we have to survive, but we should find fulfillment in that survival. No, I didn’t say it should be easy and take little effort, I said it should be fulfilling.

Fulfillment is different for everyone, and sometimes the things I find fulfilling may have aspects that I don’t enjoy at the moment, but I know the end result will be fulfilling. I came to Hawaii for a job, a career that spanned two decades of my life. Ironically, a career I planned to leave behind just a few short months before. Owning a boutique was my real dream.

I worked what I thought would be my last job in healthcare two months prior to coming to Hawaii. I began selling clothing through a direct sell company. While I was at a conference in California for that company in July 2016, I received a call about taking a temporary assignment at a hospital in Hawaii. It was an opportunity of a lifetime! To be able to live in Hawaii, even temporarily, would be an amazing experience. After all, it was temporary!

Nine days later I was on a plane, flying to Hawaii. Never could I have imagined how that flight would change my life! I began what I thought would be a temporary adventure. I began working at a hospital, living in a condo across the street from the ocean, with a beautiful view of the sunset. Every. Single. Day.

It didn’t take long for me to realize that I was in a very special place. I began taking in the beauty, going on hikes, star gazing, snorkeling, watching sunsets, exploring the island, and realizing I had truly landed in paradise. The job I had come here for on a temporary basis, was an open position. I began thinking about what it would be like to live here, permanently. The longer I was here, the harder it was to imagine leaving. I had never felt so much peace, so much calm. Life was simple and easy.

I decided to apply for the job, take the plunge and move here. I went to Florida for two weeks, started selling furniture, belongings, and packing what little I would eventually bring with me. I won’t lie, it was freeing to let go of all the “stuff”. I began to realize what I needed in my life was simplicity, freedom from the chaos of daily living I had grown accustomed to, but so badly wanted to escape.

Moving here was the best decision of my life! I can’t believe the beauty I get to experience every day. The peace that has come into my life has been amazing. I never imagined I would ever have this amazing opportunity, yet here I am. Feeling so thankful and so blessed!

I still work at the hospital, but I decided to start moving toward making my dream of owning my own boutique a reality! I started an online boutique selling women and children’s clothing, which is how The Blue Mermaid Boutique came to be. I hope to open a storefront near the beach one day. I strive to bring affordable, contemporary and comfortable fashion to everyone! Clothing is so much more than something we cover our bodies with. It is how we express ourselves and how we tell part of our story.  

Wear what makes you feel good, what reflects your personality, and what you define as beautiful! 

That’s all for now Mermaids! 🧜🏼‍♀️

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